Inside the Bus

Whenever I feel like saving money for transportation, since the trike fare from the gym to our house is 40 pesos and the bus is just 8 pesos, I always prefer riding the rusty bus.

I know that there are instances wherein a gentleman would give way to an old lady or a woman if the bus is on its full house to show his courtesy. But speaking of practicality, these men also paid the fare, so therefore, they should be enjoying the same privilege of those ladies who are sitting inside the bus.

Earlier, while I was inside the bus, since it was like 5 in the afternoon and a number of people wanted to go home early, the non-aircon bus was full of different kinds of people. On one of its stop points, three old ladies still insisted to ride the bus, although from afar, you would imagine that you’re inside a horror ride. At the point that they got inside the bus, one of the old ladies shouted and tried to catch everyone’s attention that she needed to be sat down and she was forcing some men in front of her to stand up and give the seat to her.

Yes I know. Im being harsh to these ladies. But showing kindness and generosity should be wholeheartedly given not be forcedly asked from the receiver.

Just ranting. She was so wrong. I wanted to drown her face in a boiling dark brown hair dye.


Last night was ICT’s Christmas party. They prepared a very creative backdrop and ambience, but as expected and from what I have been hearing from the oldies of the company, they really didnt allocate big prizes for the raffle winners.

Here are tons of pics.


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