PremonitionAfter I arrived home from the hotel.

Cielo and I went to Pasig so I can bring my laptop there. The technician told me it could just possibly the video card. I hope so.

Then we went to the mall. Ive been waiting for this hard disk music player for exactly a week. GRRR!! If I didnt call them earlier that I would be forced to withdraw my order if they cant give the player to me earlier, Tuesday, they wouldnt have this willingness to attend to their promise. AMP!

Then we waited for a friend and we watched Premonition. Cielo actually wanted to watch Shutter. I called my sister and asked her if the movie is good. She advised me to watch other movies. Good thing we picked Premonition. The movie is so good and its freaking scary especially ….. just watch it!

To think that we were the only group who was left inside the theatre!!!! SO FREAKY!!!

We spent some time drinking coffee. We saw this teen celebrity couples from channel 2. Maganda pa ako e! LOL, I believe she’s Maja Salvador. LOL

I so like this player. WOHOOOO!!!!

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