Home Wrecker

Once I saw this guy in Bed. We chatted a bit but I didnt get his number. Besides, he was so drunk that night, but he looked very sexy and hot with his white polo.

A few months after, I saw him inside the classroom as my trainee. I could barely remember that it was him until I confirmed while I was discussing Federal and State Regulations. Yeah, mind I was in front of the class speaking then I just blurted out to the whole class where I saw this guy, Noel. That was funny.

I invited him for a lunch earlier. We had a good time especially after the movie date. He was responding favorably and we felt secured while I was holding his hands and hugging him. JINX! We didnt kiss nor ended up in bed. That’s a good sign, I think.

But would it really fine if I will invest feelings, time and money for a married father? Yes, he is married and has a 4-month old son. I dont want to go on details but I swear I am going to pursue this. It will just be him, who can say… STOP.

Have somebody guide and support us, Im officially a home wrecker.

SNES Bestfriends Reunion

Its been a long time since we saw each other. Eating out with the four of us.

Me and Sheena

Red, Sheena, Me and Jorene

With Jorene

Rock on!


With Earth and Wind

Urban Salon

After doing some circuit training and Body Jam, Gus and I wanted to join the auditions for Body Jam. Since both of us havent got any decent sleep yet, we just decided to have our hair done.

I just wish I can find a salon where can they design my skinhead haircut.