Globe's Unlitxt Service

Last Friday it was confirmed by a Visayan Globe customer representative that they have expired the Unlitxt service.

Globe Unlitxt

Globe Unlitxt

According to them, the DTI permit ended last December 14. But they have a different offer now which will last until the 14th of January next year. Im assuming they had the service suspended due to the holidays so their network wont be flooded with text messages and earn more revenue during the Christmas season.

For postpaid subscribers, they only offer UNLITXTD15 and UNLITXTD30. For the prepaid they also have the SULITXT. The service will give you unlimited text messaging to Globe subscribers from 8:00 AM till 4:59 PM. If you registered for the 30, the service will resume the next day following the same period again.

Great! (Im sarcastic)

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