Boarding House

I failed to watch this MMK episode two weeks ago. It starred by Derek Ramsay and Coco Martin; knowing that Coco has been in several intriguing indie films, this short story might be something interesting as well.

Search it on Youtube. I suggest watching it ASAP before Youtube removes it due to infringement.

The story depicts of a homosexual individual who cant find acceptance in the society he lives in. Though in the story, he didn’t have any trace of shocking transsexualism except his feminine gestures and accent, I would think that he is a simple local from the province who cant failed to find confidence and acceptance around him. An alter ego in a very masculine character came into the story, searching for something in his life- revenge.

As the story goes along, the story of the straight guy was slowly unfolded on how harsh fate was on him. Yet, this was changed when they learned to accept each other’s weaknesses and also accepted each other as themselves, regardless of what they have been through.

It just saddens me that at the end of the story….

Mood: Touched
Music: Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You
Location: XPS, Dell, Pasay

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