Social Media and Networking Slave?

I attest that I cannot live without connecting to the internet each day of my life. As part of my urban lifestyle, this is where I get updates from the world, locally and I depend on this widely interconnected networks at work – and thus, accessing Facebook, Multiply and Twitter and such.

At some point of time, I practically send feeds of what I was doing and what I felt throughout the internet. Not that I needed to increase my web presence but also to express my thoughts and emotions. These two platforms boomed because they were considered micro blogging media wherein users can say whatever they want guided with the norms of netiquettes.

I think, therefore, I blog.

I could not maintain anymore due to work and post-work lifestyle – gym, photography, dancing and singing. With these creative outlets, writing has suffered because I find these activities more physically and skill-set engaging. I know I need to sharpen my writing and communication skills, but baseline is, this is what I do at work, right? So might as well dive myself into other creative and entertaining stuff yet still rise from real blogging hiatus especially when my brain overflows with thoughts or I am emotionally inclined with whatsoever occurrences happened recently.

Daily updates or even recent wall posts, tweets and updates on these websites is very convenient for people who do not have the luxury of writing because of time constraints. They prefer to speak out loud on the internet with less than 425 or 160 characters of what they have in mind and heart.

Social Responsibility

I know there are more life and essence aside from being a nerd or staying connected to your friends, fans and followers on the internet. But don’t you think its cruelty and biased to accuse people of having no social life because they prefer to interact with the virtual world? Xenophobia is another root cause people prefer to stay alone that socialize with tangible human beings because they are afraid of rejection and discrimination. I am not saying that I am favor of this, I think that this might be one of their stepping stones to overcome this phobia.


A lot of my online friends enjoy working at home without the hassle of traffic, cranky bosses and hectic deadlines by just doing SEO. Said platforms are fully utilized to increase web presence, web interest and popularity as Online Marketing booms when Google started making name on the industry. I could have left working in an office-based environment if I just don’t like meeting new people. I must say, working at home is humdrum. But people who have less resource and limitation due to family background and socio-economic factors drag themselves to do this – or should I say, they like working on their own, undeveloped workmanship with a team.

I just do not see whats wrong spending some of your time giving updates to everyone like no one cares. This is what you do to de-stress and stay connected. Regardless if somebody’s annoyed because they see your name on the milestone or they see your name frequently on the wall. We just do not care.

Likewise, no pun intended.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Networking Slave?

  1. Hay Reign. I know what it's like. For the past few months, I hardly updated my blogs and social networking profiles. Although I still am online each day to read news and just keep tabs with my friends. I admit I miss it, but too much of it can be exhausting.


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