Infective Endocarditis, Rheumatic Heart Disease

My profession is IT. Google is my bestfriend. Make it till I fake it.

God knows how healthy I am when it comes to diet since I have been yearning to have a decent beach body as if I will do anything to achieve it as soon as possible. I have been very good in following my personal trainer; my body has gone plateau; been killing myself dancing and doing training; and took some supplements to supress the lactic acid and aid in hypertrophy.

It came to a point that it was too much, I guess. I had this symptom twice last year. Neutrophils went up to 15, as far as I could remember. The second time it occurred, I was admitted. The initial diagnosis was leptospirosis and dengue fever. Until the medications didnt respond. I was scheduled for echocardiogram. They found out that my right atrium is enlarged and my mitral valves are thickened. After 6 boring days at the hospital, I didnt go to my cardiologist. Why? Because the Intermed doctor schedule was a mess back in holiday’s season. I had to stay there for 8 hours thinking I had my work prior to waiting! So I gave up.

Just recently, I knew it happened again. This time, the neutrophils went up – 18, worse! The doctors already knew whats wrong and they added new antibiotics to my systemic system. At least now, I am home, still enduring the dizziness from the antibiotics and the painful feeling of my prophylaxis medicine that was administered to my right deltoid. I have to undergo preventive medicine, I guess for a minimum of 5 year and the frequency is done every 21 days. I do not have any fears of injection though the powders of of benzathine benzylpenicillin is unbearable. But this has to be done.

This post is lame. I just cant get outside because I just got discharged from the hospital. The doctor even gave me some relaxant and diuretic to load off some work from my heart’s pump activity. Am I that physically active?

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