My mother woke me earlier asking me if I will go to work.

I said, “Yes.”

The moment I stood up, I knew something was wrong. It was already late because I stayed late last night with Metro East gym friends. I didnt bother to eat breakfast, drink water, or prepare my lunch. I just brushed my teeth and off I went to work.

It was unusual that there was no slythering line of people waiting for the shuttle. I didnt mind it because I was already inside the jeepney. I dont take the shuttle anymore whenever I plan to come at work at 9AM.

The jeepney drive was a reckless one. When I stepped inside the LRT station, I saw my cousin. I was already feeling very light-headed. She kept on babbling things but I didnt care because I was so concerned with my equilibrium.

As soon as I alighted from the train, I looked for a nearby restroom. The lavatory was covered with an old cardbox and the whole room was filthy though it can fit a whole family to rest in.

BWWAAAAAAAAAAKKHHHH! The color was pinkish because of the Tropical Fruit Gatorade I drank while inside the jeepney. It scattered around the toilet bowl and there was no pail nor faucet. G-R-U-E-S-O-M-E.

I knew that I will have time to rest when I sat down the bus couch. And boy I slept for a few minutes. But I smelled the diesel combustion outside Guadalupe.

BWAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKHH! I threw up in front of Loyola. There were so many people and I was wearing my corporate suit. >.<

I should have stayed home. Now, I am hydrating myself and been inhaling eucalyptus scent. I dont know if it is because of stress, vodka or lack of sleep or penicillin side effect.

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