Benzathine benzylpenicillin

 This is my companion from now on. 

This is keeping strep bacteria from invading my throat, thus the valves of my heart. Though I have to endure the sweet pain of concentration of the drug while it is being administered and also hours upto days after its done. Vials are so complex compared to ampules; good thing I have a nurse residing with me, my sister.

Though I hate its adverse affect that I cannot breathe well in some cases. Like a very acute anaphylaxis that hinders me to sing or dance with maximum effort. Boooo!

I am not yet sure how long will I be administered for every 21 days but I am expecting the minimum is 5 years to 10. Rather than being hospitalized every quarter for every strep episode and skipping work for 6 days or worst, having my valves replaced  with mechanical ones and being on prophylaxis for life.

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