Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Desktop

I have always admired Ubuntu ever since I tried using it when it was still on Warty Warthog. I just couldnt give up on Windows because my father used to ask me to design our work on Adobe PageMaker and Photoshop. For the past few months, I rarely use these and just open Lightroom after each photoshoot, the rest are web browser, torrent, email client and music player.I havent destroyed the MBR factory installed by Dell, so if the time comes that I need to do a reformat-reinstall, it will only take 10 minutes due to Dell PC Restore. Once I modify the MBR because I have to allocate some partition for the upcoming Lucid Lynx this month, the convenience of reinstalling Vista will be gone and I have to deal with CDs.

I am not willing to give up Windows yet because I primarily run my graphics software here. I wont run any Windows-based application on cross-platform because it will just mess up the performance.

But seriously, I want Ubuntu OS as my primary OS and just use Vista whenever I need to run Lightroom. I tried running a virtual machine on Vista but the feeling is not the same 😛

Shall I!?!?!

6 thoughts on “Ubuntu

  1. Anonymous says:

    Then use Ubuntu! Iba kasi talaga. Kung lahat ng apps may equivalent sa Ubuntu, di na ko babalik talaga ng wienerdoze. :p
    So you mean pag wala na MBR… hassle when something fucks up on the dual boot?


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