Inclined Chest Press

Good thing Marlon woke me up after pigging out spaghetti and ice cream. I need to get back in shape soon without sacrificing my immune system this time 🙂

A guy kept on checking out my pink f*ck band while I was doing my usual weights stuff. He was cute though it seems he was in his college because of his built and he was with friends who belong on the same age group. Not that I am old or something *raises eyebrow*

I was staring on what he was doing, very hesitant to life the 17.5 kg of plates on each side of the olympic bar. Few moments passed, up he lifted the bar, no one was there to spot him. On his way on his second rep, he couldnt lift it anymore, I rushed towards him to help him out.

His face was full of embarrassment. I know the feeling because it happened to me years ago. After, me, doing some sets, I saw him again on the same bench less the 2.5 plate. He got 4 reps!


This is just to imply that despite I make lait every count of molecular mass of CO2 I excrete, I still make sure I make at least one good deed per day.

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