Project Greenlight

It was a huge success! Hail to the team!

Kaizer and his jowa and I arrived at PTTC around 3:30 to get the VIP tickets which they ordered from Marlon. Killed time by eating at some fine dining restaurant during its peak at 70’s and ate Pancit Malabon. LOL

I didnt know that the blue loot bags are for those who have complimentary ticket. Regardless, I got one, and I think I had Kaizer and KC, too 😀 love it!

The program started more than 30 minutes late. I heard that they were still waiting for two Manulife banners that were placed at the left side of the room.

How could almost all guests bought VIP tickets? Seriously, it was a ghost town on the area where they allocated those who purchased Standard and the other category (LOL) until after a few songs that they started distributing themselves to the sides of the platform because we were like Spanish sardines making their astounding moves. Hahaha.

Without caffeine, B complex nor Taurine, I survived the 3-hour dance event with the help of electrolytes. I was actually worried at the latter part of the event because I didnt intake any aspirin to lower down my blood pressure and my heart has been beating more than 170 BPM while dancing continuously for 3 hours! Hehe

K, KC, Glenn and Val went to a Hong Kong restaurant early almost right after the dance event to celebrate Glenn’s 30th birthday. I was sooooooo hungry and I could smell myself. There was no room for shower and I only changed my top.

I adore Kaizer for swallowing a droplet of some guy’s salty sweat (this-is-the-guy-you-know-who-it-was). Despite his loathsome outfit and ungraceful moves trying to catch everyone’s attention, he was even awarded Best Jammer of the Night. I-R-O-N-Y.

… at last the first Body Jam event was successul. I am looking forward for a bigger one later this year!


I only have a number of pictures because I decided to dance all night rather than do my photography thing. 😛

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