ID Galore

Yesterday was Monday, obviously. What a good way to start the week because I am back with my regular and preferred working schedule. Yet tiny unfortunate things happened.

Disclaimer: This is just a daily rant. Proceed if you are bored and an avid fan of this blog.

I forgot my Logica ID. Thats it. LOL

I went to Fitness First Megamall to attend Melissa’s Body Jam class. Before we started, I usually put my water bottle at the lower part of the stage fronting my space, beside is my access card. When she started the music, I threw the card near the bottle and went it woooosh! Sled underneath the stage. AMP@$$U*R&#$*&#$)@#($*@#I($U_8!!()#*!!

After the class, I approached some staff because they kept on referring me to each other. Until the receptionist just gave the universal access card to the guard so I can open my locker and take a shower. After Marlon and I have stripped down our clothes and postured our sexy bodies inside the men’s locker room, I realized…. how can I secure my locker if the guard didnt provide any spare access card!?!? Another AMP#$I*#)(#$)(%*W$()*%)*@(#$@!!!

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