I had some friend who had tragic accidents happened while driving a motorcycle. I can still remember that I had one before when I used to sneak our small scooter to roam around Marikina when I was still 12.

On my way to work, at the crossroads of Market! Market!, the lane on my left side signaled go. With their traffic scheme, the counterflow was on green light and obviously, the inner lane would stay on red because it routes against the way towards the former. In a split second, I heard crash of two motorcycles at the intersection. I saw the whole event since I was sitting on the passenger seat.

One motorcycle was carrying a family with a boy in his 5. Good thing he was sandwiched by his parents. Life is too worthy to be taken away by reckless imprudence.

I feel guilty because while I was idle inside the jeepney, I kept on imagining devilish thoughts against my enemies. Way to enjoy an ice cream party at the lake of fire. I apologize.

Moral: Always be careful when commuting and driving.

On the other hand, its grateful to wake up on a cozy morning with slightly wet road due to mild rainfall.

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Air Yeezy
    Great content and it’s so helpful for me. But it’s so weird that you blog is in a mess through my explorer. Is that my explorer problem? But it’s pretty normal when exploring other blog.
    by Air Yeezy


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