Graduation Earrings

April 30, 2006 – this was the year that I had my diploma earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

While looking at the pages of our college journal, I saw a glimpse of the white pearl necklace that my mother bought for me months before my graduation. I used these pair when I had my photo shoot.

My mother didn’t actually ask me what I wanted. Maybe she remembered me browsing when I was looking for a good pair of pearl earrings and pearl necklace way back then. It was the exact pair I was looking for! All these ceramic-type medium sized white round pearl earrings and pearl necklace in their AA quality! She even included a Freshwater pendant with white gold necklace as to compensate the beautiful pearl earrings and pearl necklace.

It is almost May and Mother’s day is nearly approaching. I am thinking of getting a set of pearl earrings and pearl necklace, too for my mother. I have been browsing for online shopping websites and never fails me to provide good designs with an affordable pricing despite of its elegance.

Do you think I consult her first or just simply surprise her?

I am thinking if I ask what design she likes most, it will screw up my surprise. On the other hand, there will be a possibility that I won’t pick up her most preferred design if I do it by myself. Until I realized, that I have good taste and I am confident that she will surely like it since has the most exquisite ones among other online stores out there.

But before this, I still have to prepare for a wedding tomorrow which I will be attending later. It is a Catholic Church wedding and I will be helping the bride’s family in entertaining the guests. The white pearl earrings and pearl necklace would be perfect for the cream knee-length dress which was coutured by our common friend who has designed the line for the entourage.

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