Election 2010

1 minute looking for my number on the list of precints.
4 minutes on queue outside while talking with Timi. 
Timi who voted for de Guzman for mayor wherein she was a poll watcher for Cheng. LOL
1 minute verifying my identity and my face.
8 minutes for shading the ballots
4 minutes waiting on PCOS because it was paper jammed
.5 minute feeding and scanning my ballot
.25 minute putting indelible ink 

You do the math. My siblings and my mother who went there earlier morning stayed for 2 and 5 hours just to vote. LOL. Sometimes Filipino attitude of mañana habit implies when you deal with government spearheaded activities like this. 

I didnt vote for my bets, rather I voted for my father’s. Sayang. He should have given the chance to experience voting using the new method. Sayang talaga.

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