Night Shift

This night shift schedule is starting to hit me. Technically, this should have started more than a quarter ago -issue with ISD and stuff which led for its gradual delay which was a good thing, actually.

When I joined here and I knew that it would be a shifting schedule because of the nature of Service Operations (haha ITIL v3 boast), I accepted the offer. But I wasnt expecting that it would be so drastic that you could have an 8-hour-difference-schedule-change in a week… twice!

All good for now. I just hope that it wont really strike my Circadian Rhythm big time. Besides, I cant handle any unstable decisions for the next two years until the rest of my family is settled. Again, all good.

This is just a daily rant. More to come! 😀

7 thoughts on “Night Shift

  1. Hoy. Take care of yourself. Goddammit, I hate that two out of the three of us losing to our hearts. I might lose to my fucking NECK. Ayoko naman nun, OP ako. XD
    *nags* ❤


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