On my way home, I rode a PUV from Cubao Farmers – SSS Village. I was sitting at the rear with two adult woman and man. They dont look like couples because the man sitting beside me was not wearing any wedding ring. Me, being eavesdropper,  they were talking about the bar exams.

We were just waiting for one passenger…. a woman came in. She was wearing earphones listening to her music on her phone. When she sat down, her head was almost hitting the vehicle door, that the man beside me was waving near her face giving her warning that her head might hit the door! Within the three seconds that door was closing, the man’s waving hands accidentally hit the girl’s face.

She was in shock that her face turned red in anger not knowing that the man was just concerned because she was listening to music! I do not blame her at all.

The older woman started whining that the man should have not shown his concern to anybody. Her reasoning was other people might perceive it differently – and she kept on grunting against the courtesy shown to the other girl in dismay.

I just realized that this world would not progress if people would have the older woman’s thinking – apathy. That you think of yourself, your own welfare. The girl might have some mistake but everything happened so fast.

The man just laid his jaw and chin and lulled himself into sleep as the other woman kept on grunting.

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