The Sandwich Guy Incident

Deja vu.

Swollen Gums

Swollen Gums

I was just discussing things on Twitter and on my Facebook threads how good was the Chili con Carne Baked Potato yesterday from The Sandwich Guy McKinley Hill. Regardless of the alleged incident where a Country Tuna sandwich contained human mucus from The Sandwich Guy Eastwood, I believed, it does not reflect the holistic approach of TSG.

Fifteen minutes ago, I went downstairs and bought a Country Tuna sandwich. A few bites after I unwrapped the paper, I began to feel my throat clogging. I ignored it because I was just thinking that I might be eating the sandwich too fast. When I consumed everything, I went to the pantry to get water and went to the restroom afterward. I noticed that a big lump is starting to increase between my gums and cheeks.

I dont think its the aioli oil. Do ya think its the tuna in brine they used, despite that I do not have any known hypersensitivity reaction?

We do not have 24-hour clinic here. If this worsen, I need to go to St. Lukes for an anti-histamine. I am still having hard time breathing.

Now, this is not plain black propaganda. Now what? The only proof that I bought sandwich from them was the wrapper, tissue and the plastic bag, except if they hand me over the CCTV recording. Why? Because they do not proactively give an Official Receipt. BIR, hello?!?!

4 thoughts on “The Sandwich Guy Incident

  1. whimsicalchild says:

    I just had this incident from TSG (same branch, in McKinley) and I stayed there the whole time as I heard ‘stuff’ about this place too. Everything was going okay until I was almost finished with my potatoes with cheese and bacon- I saw a piece of hair in my food. The worst part of it is that the hair was wavy.

    I was really disgusted. I returned my food immediately, and the Manager allowed me to have my money back and I didn’t ask for the food to be replaced. I didn’t want to have another round of eating their food. Nor will I ever buy from them again.


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