The Sandwich Guy Incident – Email to HR

Now I have my own version. Gawk >.<


The Sandwich Guy

The Sandwich Guy

[simple_box] Hi all,

I am back at the office now after spending some groggy time at the Emergency Care of St. Luke’s Global City. The doctor advised me to take a rest from work today but I decided to continue my shift since the side-effect of the anti-histamine shot is starting to subside.

I am copying HR and Payroll to ask assistance on this matter. Attached are the relevant documents issued by the hospital. I found out that certain companies are still not accredited by Maxicare in St. Luke’s Global City; which I had to pay the bills through my credit card. This is the nearest hospital I know of, near the vicinity, that can cater to emergency needs since our clinic is not open 24 hours. I could have gone to Makati Medical Center but I was already having hard time breathing. Though I can file reimbursement 80% of the bill, it is more helpful if we were accredited so the health care provider can cover all expenses. This is a great opportunity to discuss things on certain protocol in terms that medical attention is needed during out of office hours.

When I approached the food attendants, after being discharged, they advised me to go back on Monday since they do not have any way of contacting the manager of The Sandwich Guy. I am raising this attention to HR since I can remember that the food served during new hire orientation was from the same store. It was also mentioned by other Logica OWS colleague, *some name* (did not get his lastname) that they already informed TSG earlier afternoon that the tuna they used was already inconsumable.

I hope you find time to discuss about this matter. I am reporting to work on Tuesday since Monday is my rest day.

Adrian Cuyugan

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