Painful Penicillin Injections

I have been ranting for almost a year how painful these injections are, frequently administered every 21 days.

The doctor recommended me to undergo echocardiogram a year after the last to compare results if my mitral valves thickened more especially I had a another bacterial attack a quarter after the last procedure. Technically, most of RHD patients would need to have preventive antibiotics. I have two options, literally intake penicillin pills which may aggravate my GERD or do the shots.

The first time I had this was administered through my deltoid muscles. The hospital nurse used a 23 gauge needle which was done in 3 minutes. It was one of the most excruciating part of my life! I had to suffer the muscle trauma for 3 days.

Then, it was the clinic nurse at work. I didnt know that it was her first time to do gluteal shots so the doctor had to demo it. They practically used three needles because the 23 gauge was not wide enough as my muscle contract. God knows how much I relax these to feel less pain.

Now, my sister, a registered practicing hospital nurse, administers these 1.2 million units of powderized penicillin via 19 gauge (which is bigger and longer) dissolved in 4ml of water for injection. How much I can endure pain, accompanied with high threshold still does not match the trauma it brings to the site.

I was actually thinking of self-administering on my thigh, but I realized my buttocks are more tough. Or Ill walk helped with a stick or again, through my shoulders and cant attend gym in 3 days.

I still do not know how long would I have to endure this – maybe until end of the year or 5 or 10 years or lifetime. Or unless researchers can find an alternative way of making penicillin injections water-based which would make it less traumatic and painful.

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