Shake Off Those Calories – at Home and at Work

Shake off those caloriesLosing weight is not restricted done at the gym. Adopting your daily lifestyle with a more active one can boost your metabolism which eventually burns those unwanted belly fat. Mix it with a healthy eating plan, motivate yourself and proper discipline with the food intake drive a better sense of holistic well-being.

At first, sedentary lifestyle leads people to excuse people to perform physical activities – this maybe because of work, stress or just no time. The irony of this excuse is that exercise and an active lifestyle are just merely important ways in hoisting your metabolism, your energy level. This gives a more fresh and more fulfilling healthy perspective on your monotonous life.

As a matter of fact, you can be active (do workouts) even you do not have time to visit the gym. Again, no excuses! Here are some basic tips to be more active.

While at home

1. Give your housemaid some rest. Why don’t you do some of the house chores like sweeping your own room and washing the dishes during weekends?
2. Walk the dog, if you have one. It is proven that people have more social fulfillment when they walk with their pets at the park.
3. Fruit juices are good for your health. Too much of this loads up unwanted sugar intake, meaning, additional calories.
4. Get plenty of sleep! You can burn as twice as much calories rather than watching the television. Some people tend to potato couch and munch on junk food, too. Muscles need rest which boosts up your metabolism.
5. Join some fun activities in your neighborhood. Marathon races are scattered everywhere. If you have extra budget, invest on a bike. This also helps in lessening carbon footprints.

While at work

1. Dont just sit around whole day. Perform some stretches while working. If your work activity permits you to stand up while talking on the phone, do it!
2. Avoid junk food and fast food. Its more convenient to bring lunch from home. At least you know what youre eating.
3. Climb the stairs if you work on the second floor or if you need to go to a nearby floor. Besides, waiting for a lift in some buildings is uber boring.
4. Walk around the building during your breaks, but be careful in second hand smoking.
5. Initiate recreational activities at work! I know your HR will support you.

With these basic tasks, driven with motivation to shed off those extra calories and regulation with the food intake. In no less time, you will start to feel more positive in losing weight, not a burden. Besides, you gained those pounds in over time, not in a week or a month! So losing them doesn’t have to be done in a month, too.


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