Modern Furniture


Modern Furniture

Everybody needs cleaning and that includes your modern furniture. This is needed to maintain the beauty and sheen, making sure that the amount of what you purchased for is valued. If you continue your proper and regular cleaning and dusting routine, you will keep your upholstery looking good as new. However, there are some abrasive chemicals that you need to be careful of in doing regular cleaning as this may affect your furniture.

  1. Doing it on a monthly basis is recommended but if you have more idle times, it can be done every two weeks.
  2. Mix 4 parts of warm water with a part of very mild liquid detergent. Mix this thoroughly until suds start to form. This can be achieved by using an electric mixer.
  3. Always perform a spot test first in an inconspicuous area before cleaning the furniture with the mixture.
  4. Use a cloth that has no strong and bright color as sometimes, this may mix with the water and invade the original color of your furniture.
  5. Finally, leave it to dry overnight after wiping with a clean wet cloth.

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