Demystifying Siquijor

Siquijor has a long reputation of being an island of magic and sorcery. Many still believe that the island is mystical due to primitive rituals and ceremonials in the deep caverns of Siquijor mountains.  These rituals they say, involves black magic. Folk legends on the practices of witchcraft, existence of witches, shamans and other supernatural beings continuously haunt the island. Thus, fostering fear among locals and even foreign people.

The mystery that lies about Siquijor may be true to some degree. However, these beliefs shouldn’t let any adventurers be afraid of setting foot in the island. Siquijor is definitely more than that!

The real ‘mystery’ of Siquijor is not about its folk legends but rather the rich and pristine natural resources that anyone will surely fall in love with. Siquijor has a lot in store for everyone. The island is a perfect place to visit with its amazing white beaches, waterfalls, caves, natural parks and sanctuaries.

Salagdoong Beach is one the best beaches in the Philippines.  It can be found in the Eastern part of Siquijor.  It’s a charming refuge in the middle of a cove that is now one of the spectacular attractions in the island.  The beach has fine white sand covers and the water is crystal clear. It has  breathtaking limestone formations and Molave trees. The islet nearby. gives a panoramic view of the entire shoreline. Salagdoong Beach is also an extraordinary place for scuba diving
and snorkeling and other recreational activity. Perfect for the adventure thrill seekers.

Another captivating attraction in Siquijor is the Cambughay Falls. One of the most famous waterfalls in the island because of its unique characteristics. Cambughay Falls is composed of several layers of waterterfalls with different depths for your swimming pleasure. A downhill walk from the secluded forest will take you to the waterfalls. The water is refreshingly cool. Your tiredness will surely be flushed away once you indulge yourself in this nature’s wonder.

If you’re up for some challenge, Cantabon Cave is the perfect spot for you. Cantabon Cave has become a Philippines’s favorite travel site because of the sweeping scenery that no other caves can offer. This heart-stirring cave is located 10 kilometers away from the town of Siquijor. You just need to endure approximately 2 hours of trekking. The trail goes through the thick forest, little streams, waterfalls and low hanging enormous stalactites and bulging stalagmites deposit. But trip is definitely worth it!

Mt. Bandilaan Natural Park is another stop you surely don’t want to miss. A perfect site for nature lovers and a paradise you’ll never want to  leave.. Mt. Bandilaan Natural Park will mesmerize your eyes with it’s vast species of endemic flora and fauna. The park is located in the middle area of Siquijor rising at 557 feet at its highest point. It also covers the 244 hectare man-made forest of the former Siquijor Reforestation project. Mt. Bandilaan Natural Park will charm you with religious parks and natural springs inside. A butterfly sanctuary is also situated in the park which is home of the biggest butterflies in Asia.

These are just some of the reasons why Siqujior has seal its mark of being a famous tourist destination in the Philippines. A mystifying island that has a high level of biodiversity. So once you visit the island, expect only more natural beauty than witches, shamans and other supernatural beings.

Article by: Marvin Salazar

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