Sleep More on Your Days Off and Weekends

Snooze AlarmIf you’re looking for a solid excuse to hit that snooze button one more time (go on, you know you want to), here’s some scientific evidence why you really should.

Sleeping is more vital to maintaining your optimum physical condition than even the right nutrition. A chronic lack of sleep is not a problem in itself, it is the conditions it gives rise to, among which are blood pressure, obesity, depression, a weakened immune system, memory lapses and decreased concentration levels.

So the verdict is out, you do need to be spending more time in between the sheets is an excellent habit, preferably asleep even if the alternative isn’t too bad in itself. Abnormal sleeping cycles can give rise to odd eating patterns, characterized by overeating or by not having an appetite to eat anything at all. That is why so many people gain or lose inches during periods of sleeplessness. Of a similar concern is a lack of focus and memory.

The perils of not sleeping and building up what is referred to as sleep debt or sleep deprivation has now been well documented, but in this fast paced world of ours many resort and spas to stop-gap solutions to tide over the tiredness such as ingesting copious amounts of caffeinated drinks or blasting music at loud enough levels to wake an entire neighborhood. But that is all these are; just stop-gap measures, not a fix-it. None of these  temporary soothing solutions will ever be a viable substitute to getting a good, solid nights sleep. Our immune system repairs and rejuvenates us while we are lost in dreams of our favorite heartthrob.

So get a decent amount of shut-eye. It’s the best and cheapest way to enhance your health, and you’re the only person that can ensure you get it right.

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