The Spot Reduction is a Lie

Great female absHave you been hyped by some infomercials on TV selling modified gym or exercise equipment? As much as I had, I am very sure you have, too. These well-aesthetic design equipment promise that it will surely help you lose those flabs on your tummy and look like Paris Hilton – as they advertise that you will loet fat in specific areas like your stomach, chest, thighs and such. Isn’t weight loss one of the biggest markets, eh?

Most of us think that in order to lose extra inches on our waist, we need thousands of sit ups using these equipment or even by your weight. This is a major misconception and a huge reason we fail to lose weight. Sit ups will help you lengthen and strengthen your core muscles, but it won’t show your washboard abs.

This is the fact! No matter what you do, you will definitely not lose your flabs by just working out on a specific area of your body. What is more, what you have lost may not be fat but your abdominal muscles.

Instead of wasting money on these expensive equipment, join a gym or run around your neighborhood or ride a bike – if you are really serious in losing weight, then comes the perfectly toned abs, as a plus, when you become more ‘serious’.

Doing cardiovascular workouts, like the activities I mentioned, are very helpful in losing unnecessary body fat. You do not need to run 4 hours on the treadmill everyday. I think, 120 minutes a week, disseminated in 5 days, to hype your motivation, is a great start.

Then, comes your food intake. When you are looking forward in losing obstinate kilograms, it is essential that you eat more raw fruits and vegetables, cutting down on sugar and fried stuff.

Just remember the formula: When you consume fewer calories than what you burn, you will definitely lose weight.

I will discuss soon about keeping your momentum and not overdoing cardio workouts as to lose you muscle mass.

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