Dairy Queen Banana Split

After a few weeks of not dining out together because he went to China, after doing my heavy lift and Body Jam at Fitness Fort Bonifacio, and him, after his Body Pump and Hip Hop class at Fitness First Eastwood City, we decided to meet. The usual dinner which I have been skipping or minimising a lot because of my strict diet.

For the past few days, I have shifted to a no-fat, less carbs, more protein liquid and soft diet not just because I wanted to lose weight, but also, my braces force my teeth so much that I can barely chew. A few days after these brackets and wires were installed, I finally got a chance to munch on soft food.

Too much excitement leads to guilt. We were looking for Red Mango at Eastwood Mall but we couldn’t find it. So we went to Dairy Queen to try the Banana Split. I said to myself that I will be just working my ass off tomorrow to burn these calories.

Dairy Queen Banana Split

Dairy Queen Banana Split

To my despair, I didn’t know that these uber creamy ice cream is worth dying of 1 hour of dancing in the gym! Gaaaaaaaaaaaawd!

Dairy Queen Banana Split Calories

Lesson learned. Stick to my ever relentless fat-free yogurt ice cream. If I can’t find any, then so be it!

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