Empanada of Lucky 21 Food Products

Empanada of Lucky 21

Empanada of Lucky 21

Kaizer stopped on a small food store before he visited the place where used to teach to bid adieux to his fellow chef and students. You wouldn’t know that on the narrow streets of Kamuning, you would find a good place to buy cheap yet delicious food especially empanadas!

Though this merely destroys my idea of lesser-oil-or-fat-free diet, the smell of pepper and meat inside wrapped around the freshly cooked dough is so tempting. The dough was sweeter than the usual you would find any on the market. Plus, you can taste that the oil used was not recycled for a month.

Most of the food they sell are the typical Filipino-Chinese food like lumpiang sariwa and puto. I would love to go back there and try others.

Address: 21 K-3rd St., Kamuning, Quezon City
Telephone: 9229605, 9260142, 9261641

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