Six Has Gone

A few hours before the 14th, marks our halfyear celebration. Here I am at work, drooling over Saturday night madness when he was invited to join a common friend’s birthday party; in which he cannot sing because Muchos does not offer Chinese songs.

Adobo, Starbucks Chamomile Tea and Bench Watch

To much ado, I get a Starbucks Chamomile Blend tea Venti with a shot of vanilla and two packs of honey (which I always order), a new fuchsia pink analog watch (which in fact, he knows I do not wear watches, only the pink striked me) and a Chinese-style pork Adobo that has some weird vegetables and no vinegar and laurel leaves. 😛

Thank you 😀

One thought on “Six Has Gone

  1. weird vegetables….hahahaha…you never know what’s that! but I gonna tell you the name of the veg:” red in snow”…. see I bet you still don’t know what’s that, hahaha


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