Rustan's Gift Wrappers

Mich bought gifts earlier at Rustan’s Makati and then had them wrapped because she was lazy. Gawd! If only I was given the talent to do gift wrapping, I would just sat down on a cold marble floor and tie up ribbons like crazy! While waiting on queue, stayed nearby and rested on the couch.

Then, they sang and danced while they wrapped gifts of other people for other people, supposedly to entertain her while she waited. It was nice of them and hilarious, too! So she said they’d be everywhere tonight.

Rustan's Makati Singing and Dancing Gift Wrappers

The Rustan's Makati Singing and Dancing Gift Wrappers

These men were in a nook, hidden behind everything else. Here be the usually underappreciated Santa’s little helpers. And tonight, they won’t be limited within their little corner of the shopping mall.

If Mich could have recorded a video of them doing their stint of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, this entry might have 3278423946912831124345^4 hits by next week!

I guess, it is the season! Cold breeze from China brings joyful hormones. Spread joy and love!

P.S. When you get a chance to meet them, please ask for the guy’s name in glasses. Ask him also if he has a Facebook account.

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