Taxi Driver in Greedy Despair

Green Devil

Green Devil

We had scheduled to meet at Fort to dine out. I usually do the commute – FX to Cubao, MRT ride to Guadalupe then jeepney to Fort. Earlier, I was too tired after my leg program at the gym so I decided to take a cab.

It was a clear Sunday morning afternoon. Despite of Manny Pacquiao show on the local channels, as expected, there would be less traffic and less vehicles on the road. I did not have enough money to pay the cab since the only change left was last night’s fare.

So I called Rui to meet me nearby Renaissance and pay for the taxi fare.

….. Typical taxi driving skills.

When I was near Meralco Ave., I called Rui to ask him to go downstairs so the taxi does not have to wait. When we arrived at the condominium, there were a bunch of Korean nationals whom I always struggle getting a cab ride on Thursday mornings when I used to sleep frequently at Rui’s place.

I told Manong to wait for a while because I was still waiting for the person who will pay the cab fare.

Abruptly in an annoyed tone he said, “Asan ba yung magbabayad? Inaabala mo ko ako eh. Tingnan mo ang daming nagiintay na pasahero!” Where’s the person who will pay? There are a lot of passengers and you’re wasting my time!

I politely asked him to drive a few inches because Rui was at the other side of the street and he was already waiting for me with the money on his hands. The fare was just Php 102.50 but I think Rui gave him Php 110.

Could have I responded to his greedy despair and I would have been impolite to an old taxi driver. I know I make fun of people by targetting their weaknesses- whether they do not look good or they lack something physically. There might be tons of reasons he was agitated before he even started the car engine or he just bascially, needed more money.

For the past hours I have been wishing that something bad happens to him (not tragic, point taken, OK?) Few hours have passed and it still does not change; for the mere fact that the only conversation we had was when I told him to (1) drive to Meralco Ave., (2) take the overpass and make a U turn and lastly, (3) when I asked him to drive further nearer to Rui’s car, I seriously hope that bad karma may be upon him.

Deep inside, I know, you sympathize my grievance against these kinds of drivers especially when they ask you to give extra from the meter reading. I do not despise those acts, because they drive more than 15 hours per day with an onset mind of getting a bigger amount, knowing the fact that they have to pay Php 800 to Php 1,300 for the taxi boundary.This would be their good karma if these sole individuals know more about customer service skills.

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