Fitness First Fort Bonifacio and Metro East Get New Spinners

Spinner NxtEarlier this week, I think it was Sunday, a lot of styro are being displaced in the stock room of Fitness First Metro East. I noticed that several workers were assembling new bikes inside the cycling studio upstairs.

Then, two days after, during my squats program, when the maintenance guy at Fitness First Fort Bonifacio turned on the lights inside the studio, I noticed the same bikes that were deployed in Metro East! I heard cycling fanatics rumoring about these new equipment inside the locker room (eavesdrop much) that only the two clubs were issued new spinners. This is hearsay, unless your own club have these too, please let me know.

Hear ye Cosmic Cycling and Les Mills RPM enthusiasts, the new bikes are ready for test ride. And I might as well do RPM tomorrow since it will be my day off.

I tried riding the bike in full sweat gear after my program. They are definitely more comfortable and look in awesome sturdy. Not to  mention the ergonomic design, plus two water bottle holders near the hand grips. As they are new, it still has a fluid motion when you start pedaling.

I guess I am starting to see some improvements specially with Metro East that we, clients, see where our membership fee go to – not just the company solely monetizing what they get. But Metro East still does not have public computers.

Cycling Studio - Fitness First Fort Bonifacio

Fitness First Fort Bonifacio Cycling Studio

One thought on “Fitness First Fort Bonifacio and Metro East Get New Spinners

  1. Looping says:

    please don’t get any services on Fitness.. Fitness First are only after your money.. Fitness First have the worst staff and manager that doesn’t know the meaning of customer service.. Fitness First manager in Fairview even shouted me when I making a complaint ( YOU’RE NOT WELCOMEE HERE IN MY CLUB ). dO YOU HOME WORK TRY FIRST TO SEARCH ON GOOGLE FOR MANY FITNESS FIRST BAD FEEDBACK.. Follow the link below


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