Tough Brat Laptop Bags Giveaway

You’re in for a Christmas treat! Bratty Bonita and Tough Brat Bags are giving away a total of 4 laptop bags in December. Here’s your chance to be a proud owner of one of the most stylish laptop bags in the Philippines!

Tough Brat Bags Blog A BagEntry Requirements:

  • Be our contacts at Multiply! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! You don’t have to do everything, but we would love it if you can!
  • Choose the laptop bag that you want from our online store page on this site or visit the Multiply Photos page of Tough Brat Bags and Bratty Bonita. Copy the picture of the bag and blog about it.
  • Tell us why you want a Tough Brat laptop bag. You can discuss about the features that you like about the bag, your lifestyle and how it complements the bag that you’ve chosen. Feel free to discuss anything about the bag, let your creativity flow! Don’t forget to tell us why you deserve to win the Blog A Bag! Bag A Bag! promo.
  • You can blog about a Bratty Bonita or Tough Brat bag, but you only have one chance of winning.
  • Don’t forget to include Bratty Bonita or Tough Brat Bags in your blog title, depending on which line of bag you’ve chosen.
  • If you’re blogging about a Tough Brat Bag, please fill out the form and post a comment on the page with a link of your blog. If you’re blogging about Bratty Bonita, visit her contest page.
  • Entries can be posted from November 1st to November 30th. Official announcement of winners will be on or before December 15th.
  • The winning blog will be judged based on content and the level of interaction on the blog. The higher the comments, the better chance of interaction.
  • The contest is open only to residents of the Philippines.
  • Winning bloggers will be notified via email; non-winning entries will be entitled to a discount upon purchase of a Bratty Bonita or Tough Brat Bags.
  • Availability of your chosen bag will depend on the materials available, but rest assured that you will get the bag that you want.

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