Weight Loss In Less Than a Minute?

There are 10 simple activities “to cut calories and burn fat that literally take 60 seconds or less.”

Weight Loss Anger

Weight Loss Anger

1. “Mix a juice spritzer”

Vaccariello suggests taking half of your favorite juice and mixing it with plain or sparkling water. Doing this obviously cuts your calories in half. But, of course, you’d want to taste the full flavors of your juice and diluting it in water makes it half as enjoyable. Instead, try scheduling your juice-drinking. If you usually have one glass a day, have one every other day. You get the same benefits as “spritzing” it and still get all the sweetness!

2. “Walk while you talk”

This point is basically about multitasking. And this is best done when on the phone, when almost all body parts are idle. According to Liz, doing the laundry while talking on the phone burns 69 calories; setting the table, 85 calories; and watering the plants, 102 calories. Try other physical activities when you’re on the phone. Even pacing back and forth is better than just sitting on the couch.

3. “Study the wrapper”

Checking the label for nutrition facts is your responsibility for yourself. The Prevention editor pointed out that the calories printed on the label may not necessarily be the total calories of the container. It’s actually the number of calories per serving. But how many servings does the container have? Check it. It’s written there as well. And do some simple math to calculate the actual calorie count.

4. “Sip green tea before a walk”

Way, way back, an entire edition of The Daily 10 was devoted on discussing the benefits of green tea on weight loss. Vaccariello is also a believer in the tea and she recommends having a cup before a walk “so that you burn fat more easily,” but advises people with high blood pressure against it.

5. “Pack a lunch”

The logic used in this tip is that restaurant, maybe even cafeteria, food makes you eat more than a packed homecooked lunch, probably because there are lots of options and an extra serving is so easy to get. The article says that dining out gives you an excess of about 300 calories.

6. “Dip your bread”

The weight loss expert cited a study concluding that people who dip their bread in olive oil consumed 52 calories fewer than those who spread butter. Olive oil is very much recommended because it’s very healthy and “may also help you eat less.”

7. “Sprinkle flax on cereal”

A hundred grams of ground flax seeds supplies 28 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein. The main benefit is that consuming it gives you the feeling of being full, therefore, lessening overeating tendencies. It’s no wonder Liz thinks it’s a good complement to cereal, yogurt and bread/muffin mixes. And also mostly anything that goes well with some nuttiness.

8. “Schedule a blood test”

She also calls on women to have a blood test to check the health of their thyroid. According to her, “one in every 12 women has an underactive thyroid” that results in a slower metabolism. If you’re one of those whose thyroid is a little lazy, it’s better that you know it to be able to adjust your diet and fitness regimen to your condition.

9. “Supersize your H2O”

This is probably one of the most important and, at the same time, easiest tips presented by Vaccariello. Drinking lots of water is always good for you—for hydration, for detox and also for weight loss. The more you drink, the less you eat!

10. “Eat a chunky salad”

Another way to trick yourself into eating less is by starting with a salad cut in bigger-than-usual chunks. It takes more time to chew chunky pieces than sliced and shredded ones, which are quickly forgotten because only stayed in your mouth for a very short while. A more memorable starter makes you eat less when the main course arrives.

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