Marikina Christmas Festival: Perya

As I promised, I would take glimpse of shots of the carnival placed on the other side of the riverbend. I still have another one to visit which is the Wonderland or Wonder Park.

Anyway, I was with Rui, Sam, Cha, Mel, Marlon and Ken. Foodtrip much that we ordered around 34 sticks of assorted isaw, hotdog, dugo (betamax), intestines and all that jazz. While we were waiting, we were also munching of grilled squid, chicken thigh, stuffed bangus (milkfish) and stuffed tilapia.

We all tried riding the caterpillar. This was the only carnival ride I could dare to ride on when I was still a child. I was very afraid of heights and also other stuff like Horror Train did not click on me. But guess what, Marlon, Ken and I tried the filthy haunted house which we just fooled and scream our lungs out inside.

Warning: You would just hear my voice screaming all throughout half of our ride. I turned off the video because the gear shifted to a faster one and I was afraid that I might lose grip of my camera 😀

To view and download hi-res pictures, go to

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