Justin Bieber's AMA 2010 Performance: Love it or Hate it?

I know that real people have outnumbered twitter users who hate Justin Bieber compared to those who tweet every second that they so adore this lez kid. After his American Music Awards (AMA) performance earlier, the obsessive “marry-me-Justin” tweets from pre-teenafers were outnumbered only by the “Justin-is-a-girl” tweets and the more aggressive “F***-you-Justin” tweets. Again, lez kid.

(P.S., if you’re cursing out a teen pop star on Twitter… take a look in the mirror and re-evaluate your situation or maybe get a fulfilling job. We hear online dating services work for the unlikeliest of candidates or maybe visit a pornsite, instead.

We just can’t dislike her him. Sure, he may be a little overrated, but nobody who makes that kind of money isn’t underrated. He’s talented and he wears extremely shiny sneakers. What’s not to love including his Filipina girlfriend?

Though Bieber usually does Timberlake/Usher inspired dance performances, tonight he busted out his ballad, “Pray,” complete with a Gospel chorus and earnest, near-tears emo facial expressions… and I thought it was phenomenal.

Of course, what I think isn’t what matters. Feature your comments below what you thought of his performance.

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