Smashwords: Book Marketing and Style Guides

Smashwords: Book Marketing Guide

Smashwords: Book Marketing Guide

Mark Coker, Founder and CEO of Smashwords, has written a simple and user-friendly primer for ebook and print writers on how to market their books at his publishing company or elsewhere. This is free and is available in multiple reading formats.

Mark suggests 26 DYIs. each do-it-yourself is clearly defined and supported with examples and helpful links. Everything is feasible and can be outright implemented. Some may give immediate results and others may require time for the changes to be noticeable.

What’s interesting about the tips is that they not only apply to writers but to bloggers as well. Writers need help on how to increase their sales in a competitive market – bloggers need tools on how to boost their site traffic.

This guide has opened a can of fresh ideas on how to attract more readers to my blog and where to find them. In fact, right after reading the guide, I immediately implemented a couple of his tips and they worked for me.

As Mark puts it, the guide is a living document and he invites everyone to contribute to its future updates by providing feedback and by sharing free marketing and distribution tools that would be beneficial to all.

I recommend this free marketing guide to amateur and professional writers and bloggers.I also included his other PDF, Style Guide.

Download PDFs here:
Smashwords: Style Guide
Smashwords: Book Marketing Guide

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