Homophobia Says Choice


Homophobics have different points of view, more often, you will hear very unusual and peculiar things. Homophobia that includes same sex marriage, homosexuals in the military service and those obvious discriminatory points you could think of. You would usually here the keyword: choice.

Lifestyle is a choice, definitely. Carl Paladino, a recent New York candidate said that it is wrong for children to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option.

I don’t remember my female heterosexual friends that they once get romantically attracted to women. After their puberty, it changes, to something like, “Most people want to sleep with men, but women are pretty tempting”.

Nobody chooses what they prefer, people just enjoy the things they like, and avoid they don’t.

So why is it that homophobic people just don’t seem to get this? Well here’s one possible solution that helps put my mind to rest:

Let us say you were a homosexual man (like me). You came to a point in your life where you know very well that most men are attracted to women,, but you find yourself mysteriously drawn into men. I am not talking about bisexuality here yet, because that is a deeper topic. Your society (church, friends and work environment) tells you that it is a sin, and you would definitely know that your family would frown upon the idea of being gay. What do you do, then?

Get yourself back in track, get married and have kids. Gotta feel accomplished, eh?

Now you see some openly gay people and you think to yourself “that’s not fair! They took the easy way out!” To you, resisting this temptation was one of your major accomplishments in life; a sacrifice that you had to make. Why should these people who chose the easy route be entitled to the same privileges as you?

This was not a choice to be gay, but only a choice to be honest with oneself. You often hear about people who are openly against homosexuality getting caught having a gay affair  and then their defense is that they were “tempted by the devil and gave in to that temptation.” Blasphemy, I must talk!

Nobody ever chose to be gay or straight, but any attack on openly gay people is an attack on honesty. If you aren’t ashamed of your society for preventing gay people from marrying and openly serving in the military, you’ve got some serious soul-searching to do.

Sounds biased because I am gay? I call upon hetero to discuss.

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