Mr. Metro Top Model 2010 Batch 4 at Palawan 2 Bar

Trying to fixate my colloquial humdrum last Thursday night, I went to Palawan 2 bar. I was surprised that the entrance was a bit higher than the usual and it was nearly jam packed! To my surprise that a pre-pageant was held; paving their way to be the 4th batch of Mr. Metro Top Model 2010.

I so hate myself for not bringing my camera because it was all fun when they posed while in swimwear, trying to look hot where in fact some bagged their confidence ever since they started the competition. On the contrary, in all fairness to their creative costumes, the show was very astounding and colorful.

So I decided to bring along friends to watch the coronation night.

It was a bit dismay because only one person performed during the comic stand up. It could have been a lot funkier if Peanut was joined with Tsoknut. I dragged Clarice, Earl and Gus to watch with me hoping they would be in their creative costumes. Only to know of that they were in their new swimwear collection, a designer collection, casual and formal.

Here are some pictures of last night’s show. To view and download hi-res pictures, go to

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