Tramway Garden Buffet

Today’s my mother’s birthday. She wanted to eat at Tramway in Timog. Since she will be paying, go for it!

Tramway Garden Buffet

Angelico, Mama, Andrea, Adrian

I did not want to spoil the night as it started that Rui and I arrived there a bit late because of the heavy traffic in Marikina. The choice of food was not really fancy and the valet service sucks bigtime. I guess it really pays to dine in an establishment that comes pretty heavy in your pocket.

When my disappointment attacked, I dragged Rui for a heavenly sugar intake of cheesecake at Banapple in Katipunan and brought these home.

I am such a nega person. This is not my day, anyway. I am such a whiner. To sum it all, Happy Birthday, Mama!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures:

[fancy_images height=”250″ width=”160″]


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