HMU: Facebook Top Trend Status of 2010


Here in the Philippines, this was never a trend. But due to my wide existence of virtual knowledge (chos!) I have encountered these three unknown letters. And so forth, it came Hit Me Up on Google Searches.

Due to the fact that during summer months that students do not have the pressure of attending school, they flirt around. They tag HMU on their statuses pranting their hormones that tis’ the mating season. This was also a trend on Fridays and weekends (even during normal season) because people get a chance to flaunt in bars and clubs.

I would tend not to disagree that this would be a trend in the Philippines soon.

HMU Chart

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper

Ask your Fitness Instructor Why Don't They Guarantee Weight Loss

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper

Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper

Have you noticed that practically no weight loss program offered guaranteed results? If they did, they would have to file bankruptcy for loss because more than half of their clients would be filing a refund for all the results.

Reason being is the paradigm of exercising and calories in and out. This is true, by the way.

Though this is the scientific way of losing weight, why do we still have overweight in the country, or at least there would be a few because they won’t mind hiring a fitness coach or trainer.

It is the momentum that keeps it falls off that leads to yo-yo dieting.

Most people who struggle with their weight think of food as the enemy. They also usually hate their bodies. It’s a recipe for low self-esteem or even depression. Years of yo-yo dieting have set them up to expect failure, and yet they feel obliged to diet again and again, to beat their body into submission — as punishment for prior failure.

In the meantime, many people eat to soothe their feelings and improve their mood, only to beat themselves up afterwards. Sometimes they may eat to punish themselves for being overweight. The resulting yo-yo effect can doom anyone to a lifetime of failed diets and self-loathing.

Now how can you change this?

Fitness trainers need to know how to help them cope more effectively with their emotional issues. If you can truly guarantee results, you’ll find potential clients beating down your door, wanting you to be their coach and /or trainer and providing you with more referrals than you can handle.