New Year's Resolution for 2011

As we step into a new year in less than 48 hours, most people would think of their commitment to theirselves or to other on how they can become a better soul for common good. I remember that 3 out of 5 of my resolutions last year were accomplished; these are:

  • Lose weight and be more physically active
  • Get myself a DSLR
  • Quit smoking

On the other hand, two of these were not met:

  • Stay with a company for more than a year
  • Lessen financial liabilities

This year, I would not include the first of the unsuccessfuls but would focus on the latter, but of course included are:

  • Perform a water fasting for 10 days
  • Reach 12% of body fat
  • Get either of my two dream lenses

Doable? YES!

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