Freshman Masculine Wash

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What is a masculine wash?

  • A masculine wash is a cleanser for the male genitalia/intimate area that gently yet thoroughly cleans unlike any ordinary soap or body wash can.
  • It is every man’s essential product for proper intimate hygiene.
  • If there is shampoo for the hair, toothpaste for the teeth, deodorant for underarms, there is FRESHMAN Masculine Wash for the man’s intimate area.

How is it used?

  • Wash area with water. Pour an ample amount of FRESHMAN Masculine Wash in your hand gently massaging the solution onto the genital area, making it lather for approximately 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

What are the benefits of FRESHMAN masculine wash?

  • ONLY masculine wash specially formulated for the proper intimate hygiene of men.
  • Cleans the male genitalia/private area thoroughly unlike any ordinary soap or body wash can.
  • Uses a combination of multiple cleansing agents which gives Men the unrivaled clean and fresh feeling.
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil, an anti-bacterial ingredient for intimate washing specially formulated to fight germs that cause unwanted odors, jock itch and skin disease.
  • Maintains the proper moisture levels of the male skin (Ph 7) leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Specially formulated for instant cooling effect that lingers, leaving the user feeling cool and fresh all day.

I have been seeing this tarpaulin whenever I go to Taguig for work. Then, why not give it a twist? Nasty marketing tagline, eh?

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