Psychological Examination Report

As part of my pre-employment requirement before moving my ass somewhere abroad, I was required to undergo intensive medical examination that includes a two-part Psychological examination: Intelligence Quotient and Personality Test.

Disregard the position applied for. I think they used the title so when we apply for an employment visa, it would be easier to get one without having too many questions thrown.

Psychological Evaluation Report

Intellectual level. I do not agree with this. Most of the examinations I have undergone, had a result of above average. Anyway, let’s keep it that way, since I already declared myself a nerd.

Restraint. True that I am very persevering and venturesome. I like taking risks, in fact, even I know that I could not exceed a heart rate of 160 BPM, I still strive forth 180+. This might also be the reason, I don’t usually extend my employment because I want to learn new things. Disobedient, true. When I know I am right, and if I really wanted it, perseverance follows.

Emotional Stability. I have been on service support for the past 4 years of my employment life and I could say, I have managed stress with grace.

Objectivity. Impractical. I tend to be ‘spendy’ on things I wanted to have and achieve. There goes perseverance again.

Motivation and Goal. True. My father has instilled independence on me. I guess this was also the reason I decided I could live alone somewhere offshore.

Psychology could have been my chosen degree in college. I am still astounded how human rarely understands how human think and behave.

*pardon my tenses here, too sleepy*

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