Fat One Steam Boat

I have always been a fan of street food. Around the area, you would find mamaks (authentic Malaysian cuisine) and other stalls along the road. This movable stall intrigued me how they cook their food – lok-lok.

The food are preserved by putting ice around it making the temperature colder despite they are displayed outside the streets. The sticks costs vary depend on the content and you would know the price depending on the color at the tip of each stick. You may have it boiled, deep fried or grilled. Sauces are available for consumption, oyster sauce, sambal, satay peanut sauce and curry.

[galleria transition=”fade” height=”300″ width=”550″ autoplay=”true”]


It was a great experience though when you tend to eat a lot, you will end up having a bill of 24 RM for a street food. 🙂

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