Bedtime Stories: Orthodontic Braces

Dental Braces

Dental Braces

How does having orthodontic braces affect your sex life? When mine were installed, this came into thought on how to perform my usual routine in bed.

In a month, I was very cautious because tons of mouth ulcers were formed when these brackets were newly installed, plus the wires that exceed and reach the lining of your inner cheeks.

Breath of fire
Sugar from starchy food you consumed hours ago form acid inside your mouth. This produces your unique being. Could you add the curry and garlic aroma please?

Kiss me
Typical kiss is not a problem. You may experience an awkward feeling when you’re fond of doing it the French way. At the back of your mind, your partner can feel the cold metal wires and rough rubber around it, either on the tongue or the lips.

The love bite
The power of your constricting pressure on the skin with your lips, tongue and a bit of the tip of your teeth may reduce on how you mark. Worse, your braces may leave a subtle red mark that may form from the brackets. That’s not nice at all!

The boondocks
Likewise, the good sensation of having your nipples and areola touched by a warm and wet tongue and lips, the cold alloy around your teeth may hinder with your usual circling routine.

George W. Bush, we have a problem!
Forgot to trim? Eecky to have some black, brown or blonde strand of curly hair stuck between the brackets! You wouldn’t just want to show that something was tickling your mouth because a protein-rich strand that contains your complete set of DNA is inside.

Oral declamation
Your braces may scratch genital areas or pinch a hole or cut the latex condoms. This increases the possibility of getting infected with sexually transmitted disease (STD) or worse, HIV. Also, dental braces may tear sensitive tissues inside your mouth.

[warning_box]Ergo, oral sex should be avoided.[/warning_box]

Alternatives, are there any?
Though new technologies in correcting your dental well-being such as Invisalign and plastic braces, before these were introduced, proper care care for people who have an active sexual lifestyle should be observed.

Just make sure you always observe proper hygiene and do it with pre-caution, ok?

2 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories: Orthodontic Braces

  1. I have a mouth full of braces and wear headgear. I have done it all, given head with my rubber bands on, with my headgear on. Nothing happened, and its fun! The only recommendation I have is for whoever your blowing to trim the pubes. The braces love yanking em out and when ur done they can be hard to get out of the brackets and wires

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