Restoran Choon Yien

I was assigned to do dayshift last week so I could learn the reports for an account I will be supporting. I miss working dayshift but, then, I am a night person – more comfortable working at wee hours because everything seems to be open when I wake up and less traffic jam.

At the end of the week, I made some friends from the OSO team. I wish I could join their usual Friday lunch where they eat out good food.

We drove to Section 14 and found myself in a cheap-looking Chinese restaurant. Don’t be fooled by its facade because their food tastes so good. Though be careful with the server, James, because he is a bit impatient if you could not give your order once he comes in. His mood was uplifted when Candy called him Leng Zai (靓仔), handsome guy. Haha

According to my colleagues, this place gets a bit crowded during lunch time. Usually, you have to call so you could reserve for your dish because even before 12 noon, chicken and pork barbecue finish even before you knew it.

Char siew or char siu is a famous Cantonese cuisine where you prepare pork with several sauces, starch and ingredients. These boneless meat are put on skewered and cooked on an open oven or grill. The rest, I don’t know. Especially the dishes in English because as you would notice, I just made up their names out of their obvious and tangible ingredients.

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Restoran Choon Yien
Address: Happy Mansion Apartments, Jalan 17/13
Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya
Operating Hours: 11 am to 1 pm, closed on Sundays
Budget: RM 10-15

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