Add Yogurt To Your Diet To Promote Weight Loss

Did you know that yogurt may increase how your body burns fat, thus, increasing metabolism, faster weight loss , losing those unwanted flabs?

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According to research, adults who are beyond overweight (according to BMI) who ate three servings of fat-free yogurt each day lost an average of 22% their water weight. Thats 61% more body fat than those who can simply burn the calories and didnt add their calcium content to their bones! More than half of them have lost fat in their abdominal area compared to the regular slimming diet. This was published on International Journal of Obesity, April 2005; vol 29: pp 391-397.

It showed that calcium and protein from fat-free or low-fat yogurt intake promotes weight loss and burning fat. But this doesn’t just count on simply eating yogurt, you still have to continue the healthy diet and exercise.

For 12 weeks, the first group ate three 6-ounce servings of fat-free yogurt providing about 1,100 milligrams of calcium per day; the other group ate only one serving of dairy providing 400-500 milligrams of calcium per day. Both groups ate a controlled diet that contained 500 fewer calories than normal to stimulate weight loss.

All who participated in the clinical study lost weight because of caloric restriction. But from the group who had intake of yogurt loss more against the other.

Massive excess of fatĀ aroundĀ the trunk or midsection area of your body is correlated to diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart disease.

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