Sponsored Tweets

Recently, I have been using my social network lifestyle as an additional influx of profit. You may have noticed that I have been trying to increase my twitter followers as this affect the rate of Cost Per Click tweets. Also, I would like to increase my Klout score – the higher, the more influenced I am.

Also, I am targetting that this blog will increase its Google Page Rank to 3 before the year ends. Backlinks! Backlinks! Backlinks! Whatelse? More quality articles. Then, maybe soon, when I get tired, I will start doing article spinning 😛

Sponsored Tweets Profit

Sponsored Tweets Profit

Anyway, I have came across this IZEA program that you get paid per tweet or per click. At first, I was not really enthusiastic. But this month, I started to take more opportunities starting from $.02 per click until I reached $3.20 per tweet now. In soon time, once my influence gets higher, I could make this as a staple income, like the my blog advertisement profits.

So here, if you like to tweet, might as well try it.

Sponsored Tweets Banner

Click me to start earning while tweeting!

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