SWOT Analysis: The Art of Business Management Strategies

While I was browsing my emails when I was in college, I came across my last SWOT Analysis. For college students there, it might help you with Strategic Business Management studies.

The Art of Business Management Strategies
A Case Study in Quality Function Deployment using SWOT Analysis

IntroductionSwot Analysis
Quality Function Deployment (QFD), also known as The House of Quality, is the best device ever created to tie product and service design decisions directly to customer wants and needs, i.e. The Voice of the Customer (VOC), and has led to a host of successful breakthrough products. QFD is designed to deploy customer input throughout the design, production, marketing, and delivery facets of a given product or service.

Writesharp Inc. assessed a simple survey on how consumers wanted their pencils to be. This would really help the Writesharp Inc. to boost their sales as well as improve their product line. The most positive outlook is to overcome and have the major market share in pencil industry.

How a pencilmaker sharpened up its product by listening to “the voice of the customer” through quality function deployment.

Alternative Courses of Action

  1. Improvisation for a new lead formula that would make the span of life of the pencil.
  2. Substituting cedar for oak for the pencil’s wood casing that would dramatically induce a newer image, enhances its hexagonality and compel for an easy-handling, thus, lessening the tendency to roll down on slanted and inclined desktops.
  3. Using polymer for binding the lead that would reduce its dusting and retaining more moisture.

Situations Analysis



  1. Cheaper cost of raw material compared to the new lead formulation and polymer.
  2. More attractive to consumer.
  3. Easy to grip.
  4. Reduces the tendency to roll down on descended desks.
  5. More improved hexagonality.
  6. Partially satisfies consumers’ demands.
  7. Fresh over-all packaging for Writeline pencils.
  8. Favorable design.


  1. Same old problem of causing frequent dusting.
  2. More frequent sharpening.
  3. Major alteration of cutting and shaping machineries.
  4. Will not satisfy ALL consumers’ demands.
  5. Imitation from patented design.
  6. Lack of patent protection.



  1. Wider market.
  2. Higher profit.
  3. More competitive product.
  4. Brand new appearance.


  1. Unnoticeable to typical and general pencil users.
  2. Infringement.
  3. Market price might increase.
  4. Added advertising cost.
  5. Loss of income.

SWOT Matrix


Newer and better design would boost up the sales and make it more competitive to the other brands.


Despite the fact that the formulation is still the same, it would not be very noticeable to the general public especially those you use the pencil just for writing. They would still prefer a better appearance.


The new shape of the wood casing should not be exact as their competitor’s architectural design.


Making major change on the wood case would be cheaper rather than risking for a higher cost for raw materials.


I, affirm, that I’m not good in classical way of making art by using pencil for sketches, paintings and with issues that concerns graphite or lead pencils. I use pencil, when it comes to writing notes that practically requires corrections. Dusting, which is unexaggeratedly overrated, will be tolerable for the general public. Also, the fact that pencils are rarely to be tested when you freshly buy it from a store, would not tell you that it has a good formulation unless you will sharpen and use it in person.

Better external appearance would attract more consumers to buy the Writesharp pencils for it has good shaping and hexagonality compared to a simple and plain cylindrical style that would make it slipped out of your hands and might break the lead inside if it falls down from a slanted table. Although this choice will be accompanied by small and unavoidable glitches, I still prefer this alternative action.

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